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Leanna Sellars

DFW Realtor

Leanna Sellars, a DFW Realtor with 20 years of experience, approached Message Masters with a common challenge in the real estate industry—her brand lacked distinction and failed to reflect her unique value proposition. The absence of a target audience and outdated branding further hindered her competitiveness in the market.

The Challenge

  • No pride in Brand: Leanna lacked enthusiasm and pride in her brand identity.

  • Brand Misalignment: Her former brand prioritized the brokerage over her individual value and contributions.

  • Lack of Target Audience: Without a defined target audience, Leanna struggled to connect meaningfully with potential clients.

  • Need for Modernization: The brand needed a modernized image to stay relevant and competitive.

Our Approach

  • INSIGHT Pro Brand Evaluation: Conducted a thorough analysis of Leanna's brand strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.

  • Discovery Consultation: Engaged in a two-hour consultation to delve into Leanna's brand core, including purpose, vision, mission, target audience, and differentiators.

  • Brand Core Development:

    1. Defined Purpose, Vision, Mission, Target Audience, and Brand Promise.

    2. Identified Differentiators and Value Propositions to highlight Leanna's unique offerings. 

    3. Crafted a compelling Brand Story reflecting Leanna's journey and values.

    4. Outlined macro and micro Services to showcase the breadth of Leanna's expertise.

    5. Established Core Objectives, Core Values, and a Brand Positioning statement.

    6. Created a memorable Tagline, Brand Message, Voice, Personality, and Goals.

    7. Developed Brand Identity encompassing messaging and visual elements, including Logo Variations, Typography, and a comprehensive Brand Style Guide.

    8. Provided Brand Management Tools and a Pitch Deck for effective communication and presentation.

  • Collateral Design: Designed captivating Social Media content, Digital assets, Print Media materials, and facilitated Video Production to enhance Leanna's brand visibility and engagement.

The Results

  • Pride In Brand: Leanna gained a renewed sense of pride and enthusiasm for her brand.

  • Competitive Differentiation: The new brand set Leanna apart from colleagues and competitors.

  • Personalized Branding: Leanna's brand now authentically reflects her unique value and contributions.

  • Timeless Design: The classic and timeless design resonated positively with peers, clients, and supporters.

  • New Conversations: The revamped brand sparked new conversations and connections.

  • Enhanced Focus: Leanna became more focused and aligned with her target audience.

  • Shift in Perspective: The brand transformation changed Leanna's perspective on her unique value and purpose.

  • Expert Alignment: The strategy aligned seamlessly with industry expert and business coaching advice.

  • Efficiency and Consistency: Marketing processes became more efficient, with reduced lag time and improved brand consistency.

  • Client Testimonials: Leanna expressed satisfaction and highlighted the investment's worth, while clients praised the insightful journey and transformative outcomes.

Client Feedback

Leanna Sellars shares, "I found incredible value in my opportunity to work with Message Masters! The journey through their process was filled with self-discovery, reflection, and forward-thinking ideas! If you are a new business or seasoned business owner looking to re-energize and focus your efforts, the insightful and talented owners behind Message Masters will deliver!"

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